Glenda H. Avatar
Glenda H.
They are so kind and helpful! We have taken several feral kittens there that have needed immediate care. We are in and out fast and very reasonably priced.
Thank you for all you do!
Midnight Estes Avatar
Midnight Estes
Affordable friendly care. Knowledgeable staff members. The doctor really took time in finding out my cat's needs. I highly recommend this clinic.
Abekua B. Avatar
Abekua B.
Took my kitty Snickers last week and I had the best experience. Receptionist was very kind and helpful. The doctor knew right away what was going on with my baby, very knowledgeable and professional. The up front prices on the website was very reassuring and less stressful than going to a vet and not know how much it’s going to cost. The clinic is in a nice area in Butler and I will be going back... I found my new/first Vet as a kitty owner! 😁
Charlie J. Avatar
Charlie J.
Very friendly staff. Love the prices. Great service and staff.. My boy got his rabies shot and the chip..Quick service...
Melisssa V. Avatar
Melisssa V.
Very reasonable prices and very extremely friendly people working here. My experience there would have been VERY pleasant except that I found out my puppy had Parvo. Very caring Dr. and staff. This will definitely be my veterinarian clinic in the future.
Shanita C. Avatar
Shanita C.
My 15 week old yorkie broke her leg every vet that I called said that she needs surgery and that the surgery would cost me up to three thousand dollars. I felt so bad because I wouldn’t be able to afford it but then I found Milwaukee walk in clinic. The vet told me to bring her in so that he can do an exam on her arm and give me more options. I was so happy to have found them he told me that the splint should help my dog heal without surgery and told me what to do to ensure that she heals. I will definitely take my dog back for all of her appointments and shots they are very reasonable and friendly. Like
Lynn B. Avatar
Lynn B.
Great dr good prices will spend time with you explaining all you need to know take you pets there i was a vet tech so i have a clue good job guys an girls you guys get a 5 star on my book
Kathy S. Avatar
Kathy S.
I love Dr. Singh!!!!! I brought in my blonde bombshell Leisal, she's a labordoodle with an awesome personality, but she seemed to have a urinary tract infection. She wanted to go outside all the time and she would squat but nothingl was coming out. A sweet young lady in my neighborhood told me about Milwaukee Walk in Veterinary Clinic, she told me they took great care of her dog and their prices were much more affordable then taking her to my vet. Dr. Singh listened to what I said, and agreed she very possibly had a urinary infection. They were great with Leisal, I was given an antibiotic, amoxacillan, and something for the pain. The scripts were affordable and I didn't have to go to get the scripts filled, I paid for them and received them from the clinic. Leisal was feeling much better within 48 hours and had a complete recovery!!!!! I would recommend them to everyone.

Thank you soooooo much Dr. Singh and your wonderful caring staff 🙂

Kathy Szombathelyi (and my sweet Leisal)

This veterinary clinic is a walk-in clinic with a No Hidden Price policy.